Adhesive Strip Showing?

This was a steep roof covered in snow but the top portion of the roof was not covered and viewable with binoculars. Is that the adhesive strip showing from not enough overlap on the shingles or is it a decorative color to add texture to the roof?

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PS Yes I commented on the flashing, or lack there of, on the chimney :wink:

Could be a zink strip to stop moss from growing .

From that angle, it looks like a decorative shadow line made by alternating colors during shingle manufacturing.


DO you have a link for shingles that are made in this fashion?

More info here

decorative color to add texture to the roof.

I agree with Dom and Dan.
Adhesive is not always continuous, but when it’s in sections, as far as I know there’s always a section terminating at each end. In the lower left you can see a joint where shingles in the same course butt, but the dark areas do not meet.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. That was my thought as well and I left it off of my report, but I couldn’t be sure because of the snow and ice on the lower parts of the roof.

Regards, Michael

What did you see in the attic?
I agree with Roy. Do not let the zink strip fool you.
Now that valley if professional installed. Go by what you see done right if you can not view the roof. The attic space will reveal what you need to know.

LIMITATION. I could not inspect the roof. I was dangerous to negotiate. Snow covered and x/12. We will come back in the spring and do an visual roof inspection free of charge.

I don’t do any free re-inspections because of weather.

Maybe I explained myself wrong. Thanks Kenton.

I add in my report that if the roof is snow covered I will do a visual free roof deck inspection (by my methods) when the weather conditions allow for it
There is also a time limit. You have to set the clients expectation realistically.

“Exterior visual.” you have been in the attic. Binoculars are OK ladder on the gutters, what ever it takes.
I would go beyond that** IF** it ever happened and I needed to.
No takes out of say 10 in 2 years. Mostly condo’s in the winter months or the roofs are wind swept.

Thanks Kenton.