Adhesive uplift resistance ?

Does any one know if the plywood roof sheathing was attached with staples, and then they took the time to add adhesive to the truss and plywood on both sides. Would that upgrade the uplift resistance to at least 103 psf. Or would you still mark (A) under roof deck attachments?

Given the fact that one could never get to the sub-fascia then A. I have only heard of one person doing it correctly and they did not have a ceiling.

What if they did do the fascia?
They have a steep pitch and was able to get to to the edges, but they still have some more work to do, it was not completed. Still was wondering what the uplift would change too . Or is this a engineer question?



Mr. Hanson it would depned on the thickness of sheathing and how the structural adhesive is applied. Here is a link for your reference. Hope this helps.

That appears to be construction adhesvie, that I know of there is only a spray type foam that would be acceptable for this

What Bruce said.

Yep this is correct. I did not look at the pictures. It does appear to be construction adhesive.

If you can prove what adhesive was used and what the uplift resistance of the adhesive is for the application observed then a credit could be applied.

If I were to guess I would say this home exceeded 182psf uplift resistance but proving it is a different story.

Maybe it should just be stated and let the adjusters make the decision?