Adobe Acrobert 9 Pro Extended

I do not know if this is allowed or not. If not, the moderator can just delete. I came across a “going out of business” sale and saw a couple of Adobe Acrobat 9 Prof on the sale desk, in their factory shrik-wraped boxes. I got one for me and an extra one in case someone here might need it. I have opened and loaded my copy and it is fine. If anyone here wants the other one, PM me or post an open reply.

Now isn’t this awesome? A guy who thinks of others besides himself…Bravo!

Agree… ditto that Bravo !!!

Remi… post it over in the Inspection Classified’s section…

Thank you sir, I too have got a lot of help on this forum from folks who took time out of their busy schedule to guide me.

Thank you sir. I have now posted it in the appropriate section; now with more information.


how much??

Its only $125.00 shipped. Paid $115 for each and I just want to be a blessing to somebody that may need the software. I sent you a PM.