adobe illustrator

Do any one have a copy of adobe illustrator software that will like to share.

If it is freeware its easy to find on the web, if not you should buy it.
Using pirated software is not something you want to do especially in relation to a business.



Adobe, Macromedia and the like are all licensed products.

I’ve been using a product that is the same idea as Adobe Illustrator, in that it’s a vector-based illustration program. You can open ai files and also export ai files, so it’s compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

It’s called Expression 3, from Microsoft, and it’s a free download, about 75 MB if I remember correctly. Free from Microsoft?? Because they bought out another company, and are using the internal parts of this program to develop the new drawing program that will be included with Windows Vista.

So anyway, I like the old Expression 3 a lot. You can download it at

It takes some learning, since vector-based is different from pixel-based drawing. The tutorials helped a lot, they are at

And if you’re adventurous, you can even download the new Windows Vista drawing programs for beta testing. They are at