ADT is offering InterNACHI an exclusive offer. Will you give these to your clients?

ADT Home Security is considering offering InterNACHI members a special, exclusive-to-InterNACHI deal that members can then offer to to their inspection clients:

InterNACHI member’s clients will receive ADT Home Security best, new customer offer PLUS… $200 VISA gift card.

This saves InterNACHI member’s clients over $1,000.00.

If we print and package this offer in a nice little brochure, will you hand it out with your inspection reports?

A couple deals like this and consumers will be hiring InterNACHI members just to get the deals and the VISA cards.

Is this deal good up North?


Broadview/Brinks pays me for each inspection referral. I make enough each week from them to almost cover the cost my apprentice. Why should I go with ADT over Broadview?

Please keep posted Nick.

Yes Nick i would be interested too

Yes Nick, I would include it in the binder that I give to my clients.

As always, I would give this info to my clients for them to follow up on if they so chose to but I will never share client info with a vendor…even if the vendor pays me to do so.

What John said… Broadview/Brinks puts $ in the pocket. Its my understanding that the ADT offer only pays the client, and then only if they sign up. Not such a big deal when you compare apples to apples.

I am in, Nick.

John Onofrey asks:

John, the Broadview deal is good too. Many of our members do it.


  1. some can’t do the Broadview deal because their state prohibits it;
  2. some won’t do the Broadview deal because they feel it unethical to accept money from a third party; and
  3. some will choose ADT because they feel that the ADT offer does pay the InterNACHI member, albeit indirectly, by adding over $1,000.00 worth of value to the InterNACHI member’s inspection service including a $200.00 VISA gift card. These members believe that adding $1,000.00 of value to their report is better for their business in the long run than $15 in their pocket instantly.

Could possibly be a really good marketing tool.

If its good for my clients then I’m interested!



I’m one of those who would feel better about this. I don’t feel right taking money to refer my client. If you disclose this transaction to the client, I’m sure it’s not a problem, but I personal don’t feel it’s right for me.
I would definitely include this info with my inspection.

My PIA states: “My signature above authorizes Brink’s Home Security to call me at the phone number I have provided to discuss a special alarm system offer without obligation.”

Why do you feel badly about making money in a capitalist society?

I’m in if I ever get any customers;cool;

Message to client on my website: Sign up with ADT on the day of inspection and save $200 off your inspection.

Nick have ADT give us the free VISA card if a client signs up!!!