Advanced Mold Inspection Training Course - Florida

Apparently Florida has not accepted the Advanced Mold Inspection Training Course that INTERNACHI offers. Instead they want you to take an exam only if your qualify to take the exam.

Here are the requirements:
EXAMINATION: Individuals seeking licensure as a Mold Assessor must first take and pass a department approved exam for mold assessment.
EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: A copy of a transcript is required demonstrating an Associate of Arts degree or higher with at least 30 credit hours in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene or occupational safety or related field of science from an accredited institution. The applicant must also demonstrate a minimum of 1 year of documented field experience in microbial sampling or investigations, and documented training in water, mold and respiratory protection.

I meet the qualification to take the exam, as I have BS in Occupational Safety & Health. My question is: Will the INTERNACHI’s Advanced Mold Inspection Training Course prepare me to take the State exam for Mold Assessor. Any comments or advice from someone familiar with the Florida exam would be very welcomed.