Advanced, online, video course data now captured for certain states that require it.

InterNACHI requires that that each inspector taking an online video course logs in with unique identification at the start of the course, when he or she begins watching the video portion of the course, and when he or she begins the final exam. This identification is linked both to individual e-mail and mailing addresses, and to a credit card to prevent fraud. Our video partner (Reports, Inc.) stores information about when each inspector purchased the video portion of the course and when they viewed that video. This information is stored with that inspector’s unique internet protocol (IP) address and is verified by InterNACHI before allowing the inspector to take the final exam. Finally, InterNACHI stores the time of the final exam, how long the inspector took to complete the timed exam, his or her final score as well as each question asked and which answer the inspector provided for that question. All this information is stored securely over distributed databases and can be verified by InterNACHI at any time.