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InterNACHI (me) is working on an approved 16 hour Radon Education Course specific for Florida. Covid set us back on the timing, but hopefully we’ll have it ready for prime time by fall. Check the radon maps for Florida. Some areas of Florida are more likely to have radon (above EPA action threshold) than others. That info should be helpful in marketing radon testing.

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I am wondering how lucrative the radon testing would be for a small Home inspection business down here in Florida? As I previously mentioned the company I work for is in the residential management business. They tend to do radon mitigation not so much as a return on investment Outlook. But more from a liability protection stand point.

By the way, I enjoyed your sample inspection in the master class course.

Radon testing is probably not much as a stand-a-lone business, but when combined with other services, it can help add some $ to your fee.

Michael - I’m just starting this course and my inspection business. It looks like this is an excellent option to include for inspection services. What do you think is an appropriate charge for performing a Radon inspection both as an additional charge to a standard inspection, and also as a stand-alone inspection service?


So I’m pretty solid on Radon as I’m previously a trained geologist but what is the difference between the diffusion and soil gas? Is it diffusion through the foundation vs. movenment through larger cracks and openings like unsealed sump pits?

There is a list of EPA documents on the second slide in the mitigation section. Are any of these documents on the InterNACHI site where we can read/download them?

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I took the Radon-Away course last year and failed the test. I did have a certification years ago but let it lapse. What an idiot. The test was more about the EPA guides and different testing equipment. That is where I stumbled. I needed to study the testing equipment no one uses anymore, LOL.

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I am a new home inspector, and I just started my business here in Pennsylvania. I want to add radon inspection to my business. What all do I need to do here in Pennsylvania to be able to do this?

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I just began the advanced radon course as I couldn’t find a basic or intro radon course. Does a basic course exist?

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I just started this course.
The name of this course is Advanced Radon Measurement.
Is there a previous course I should take before this one?

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