Advantages of Infrared Certifications?

Yeah, that is weird Linus. Several of their members have bought blower doors from us for the EnergyScanIR module. I will have to give Peter a call and see why they even offer the scan without the door.


Looks like Clean Edison offers IR roofing inspection training. I thought they just did BPI/RESNET/LEED training/certification. Nevermind, I see they offer lots of Infrared courses/certifications.

They also do photovoltaic, geothermal, hybrid and they just started offering lead training.

I had the pleasure to be able to go out to NY and spend a week with Clean Edison and their crew. Really cool, down to earth people that are really professional.


Clean Edison’s part owner, Lauren Carson, grew up 5 streets down from me and she is a good friend of mine. Clean Edison offers very good training.