Advantages of Solar power

I read “Advantages of Solar” for my essay report. the first thing I learned is that there is enough available energy from the sun to power all human consumption by many times. Solar panels are considered low emission only because of the environmental impacts of manufacturing. Solar energy is indispensable for many people throughout the world that have no other source of electricity and creates green jobs. A program called net metering can make the home owner money if their system is making more power than it uses. Tax credits are also available to offset the installation cost. Thirteen million dollars an hour is presently being spent on oil-fired electric generators in the U.S. alone, not to mention the rest of the world, which all could be replaced by solar farms. (Yeah!, I want to drive a herd of voltaic panels!) Overall, solar energy reduces the need for fossil fuels and is more reliable and cost efficient. It makes sense to move toward a renewable energy source that has low emissions and supports our local and national economies. David