Advertise correctly

Robert - how one settles a claim, is ones business choice. I fail to see where “limitations” and better yet, those upheld by the court system are illegal, unless decided by the courts to be unacceptable.

On the other side - being that I agree that offering the inspection fee as money back does undermine the real value of a home inspection. But that’s a discussion for another thread.

Your opinion and your opinion alone. How do you know the agreement between the inspector and client did not have a clause that denied wrong doing? I suspect there was something like that in the release I suspect the Inspector got, when he returned the inspection fee.

I have done that once or twice over the past 10 years and always got a release signed, and that release contained a statement that denied wrong doing.


Thanks Doug - as you stated “opinion” and certainly many of his opinions are armed only with some of the facts.

Reminds me of what my mother use to say about opening ones mouth…

Hmmm… And opinion are like tailpipes: Everybody has one and sometimes they really stink.

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Thank you for your replies.
Everyone is entitled there opening.

Mr, Patrick Auriol.
As a BOD’s member, is that the correct position to take?
I am sure you can act as a professional for the stakeholders.

There is a distance between facts and evidence, Claude.

Reimbursement is the act of paying someone for expenses they have paid. For example, in 1996, as part of the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 1997 (“Omnibus Act”), Congress enacted legislation authorizing the reimbursement of “qualified employees” of the government for up to one-half the costs incurred by such employees for professional liability insurance.

By offering a Reimbursement constituted the client was not satisfied and the inspector offered.

I understand your position.
This position has held up in the courts stateside if I remember correctly.

The news did not mention she accepted the offer. If she had, she would not have much of a leg to stand on defending her position.

It is now moving its way through the courts.
We will find out what the honorable judge presiding over the case decides unless other measures are taken.

Patrick is entitled to post his personal opinion just like anyone else on this forum as stated in his signature copied below, just saying.

Any information posted by myself on this site should be considered as a personal opinion, belief or assumption and cannot be attributable by way of association to any other company, person or agency.

yes but when he takes confidential not for posting on the web and he does post this information on the web ,He sure shows he does not care what he says or how he says it .
very poor to see how the OntarioACHI directors have very poor manners .
They seem to think it is OK to post false information .

I recommend all Ontario NACHI members read this and form their own opinion on OntarioACHI .…ectors-113359/

What does being a BOD in another entity have to do with me being entitled an opinion in reply to another Member. What gives you the right to try to suppress free speech?

Seems you and Cooke are taking this cyber-bullying a little too far. You are embarrassing yourself and this Association with all these biased and attacking posts. Both of you have zero authority to muzzle a Member!

More lies yet again…

It is you Sir who grabs information from the NFE and posts it to cause trouble. Ooops, exposed again!

Now, if you and Young want to once again highjack a thread to excite yourselves, go nuts. We all get it ad-nauseum: You want to cause as much grief to OntarioACHI and anything with it to feel superior. You’ve been going on about it for so long that it is now become extremely boring.
As for Young, one minute it’s attacks and insults, followed by a fake “sorry” and to indicate how twisted hypocritical he can be, he provides endorsements about the same people he attacks on another site - Twice in 3 days!

Unless you have something constructive to add, other than the usual recycled insults, move along.

Please provide proof for your statement? Seems you’re the person taking items from the NFE and posting them…

I stand as proof.

As to your post.
I loved chess. The mental exercise, focus and stimulation prepared you.
I am certain the players would remember where the chess pieces were and continue playing.