I have an opportunity to advertise at a golf course . The cost is $400.00 per year. I just wonder how much business I will get for my money. This is my first year as a full time inspector so I’m afraid to waste money. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

What do you mean by advertise? A tee box sign, menu, locker room?

I can’t say that I would jump on a golf course but $400 is not a real steep investment to test it out for a year.

It’s a vague question.

$400 for a giant banner at the 18th hole or for your logo on small print in the mens bathroom?

Is this in addition to cards/brochures/pens/whatever else or instead of?

How much of your marketing budget would this take up?

Michael and Ian are on the right track.

Also, why aren’t you doing the basic stuff first. Stuff that we know works. You don’t even have your website listed on the post you made. Do you even have a website? Get the basics in order first before you get fancy.

The return on investments on a billboard is poor. I know, I have them. One is a 4’x4’ sign next to the speaker at the drive through of the most popular and only coffee shop in town (our equivalent of starbucks) I have never had anyone mention they called me because of that sign. Statistics shows it takes painstaking amounts of time to reap any kind of reqard for that kind of branding and it is typically only ever beneficial for mega corporations. You can put a professional vinyl design on your vehicle for less and it will get noticed more than the add that is only noticed by the 5% who golf. Creative, budget advertising, being known as a professional and being on friendly and useful terms with agents are the only valuable investments in growing your business, like it or not. I get 95% of my referrals from agents (and I would venture to guess alot of inspectors, not all are close to that number) and all of my other advertisement is solely to back up or create credibility once the agent has given them my (and potentially two others) card and the buyer goes online or wherever to research.

I don’t now everything, but I do study a lot, and thats what does and doesn’t work for me as of thus far.

Last note: Be honest, thorough, tactful, consistent. Don’t compromise and most importantly make sure you absolutely know what you’re talking about and are able to back it up. If you do that, you should expect to get to the point that you’re respected and your phone will start to ring. You can also make a career of being a soft inspector, but it will catch up with you and you also have to sleep at night, so I’d advise the former, not the ladder.