Which forms of advertising have you as a home inspection company prove to be the best?

Can anyone tell me more about move in certified program other than here is the link that does not tell me anything?


Your website is really “Amped Up”!!!

My website / internet presence is where I get approx. 80% of my business. What are you looking to advertise/market? I like your website for it’s attention grabbing characteristics, but find it a bit too much after a short time. I feel it would work well for the your IR biz, with a little tweeking, but I feel most potential clients for a home inspection would be turned off. Doesn’t have a warm, fuzzy feeling. Too industrial and sterile.

As for MIC, there are a ton of threads on the MB. Try the search feature. Also search here:

Good luck to you, and welcome aboard!!!


Amped Up website with no phone number??? When I found the contact link the information was so washed out I couldn’t read it. Maybe start there.

Good point, took me a while to find it also. Should be up-front-in-your-face at all times. Make it easy for your potential clients to contact you. If they have to “work” for it, they won’t. They’ll go elsewhere.


Flash websites are nice and animated but almost completely ignored by the search engines as they can’t be read as easily (most can’t read them at all). To get to the top of the search engines and pull off 80% of your business on your site like Jeffrey you’ll need to find another website host. There’s quite a few out there specifically for home inspectors, or you can do it yourself via GoDaddy or Yahoo.

Dom also remind people to keep your host stationed in the USA. Google will kick you out in a hurry.

As long as you’re in the US or Canada you should be fine. I’ve seen a few issues if you’re overseas where it could hurt, but technically it shouldn’t. I remember you having a bad experience in the past.

There are a couple of conventions comming up in my area. I am unsure if I will try to host a booth / table or just show up and mingle.

Omaha Products Show
Iowa Association of Realtors Convention
Fall Home and Garden Expo (the last one of these I went to was before I started home inspections, I recall several contractors, realtors, but zero home inspectors)