Advice between moisture meter models

I am considering an upgrade to a moisture meter that can be used beyond the reach of my arms.
I have noticed the Protimeter Reachmaster and the FLIR MR59 with an extension pole may meet my requirements for saving a bit of time on an inspection.
The Flir option will save me about $500CAD but the few reviews I have read are mixed and the Protimeter is a relatively new product.
Can anyone give me their two cents IF you have had experience with either one or the other?

I always used the Tramex Moisture Encounter plus with an extension pole, and loved it.:


Or, they have a newer model the goes a little deeper…1 1/4", I believe:



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Larry is right. Tramex. Good English brand. I use MHRIII. Another would be Delmhorst. I use TechCheck Plus. Made in USA. Both retail around $500.00.

Got another $100 to spare?
I recently was wondering through the message board when I saw this moisture Meter being advertised on Inspector Outlet. I blew me away. Why? I have 2 high end Brand Name moistures meters that do not have the depth this moisture meter has nor the reach to get to out of the way places. Protimeter Reachmaster Pro BLD5777 I am about to purchase one.

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Thanks Larry.

Thank you Robert. The Reachmaster pro is one of my 2 considerations because of the remote viewer/ controller and the extension. The other option with the Flir MR59 (still up to 4" reading) was because of the ability to place it on an extension pole and view readings from harder to reach places like cathedral ceilings because of the bluetooth connection to a mobile device and the versatility of a rounded sensor to quickly position for a reading.
My main concern is the accuracy of the Flir MR59 with a ball-probe sensor. Do you have experience with ball-probe moisture meters?

I just looked up the Tramex Moisture encounter and it too has bluetooth with an app for remote viewing.
It has officially become a contender.

I have a ball probe senor. REED ST-128M. I purchased it for a spare. Rarely use it.

  • Measuring Range:
    0.0 to 100.0% Moisture Content
  • Resolution: 0.1% MC
  • Moisture Status Display:
    Gypsum: <30%: Dry; 30-60%: At risk; >60%: Wet
    Cement: <25%: Dry; 25-50%: At risk; >75%: Wet
    Wood: <50%: Dry; 50-80%: At risk; >80%: Wet
  • Penetration Depth: .8 to 1.6 in.
  • Power Supply: 3 x “AAA” batteries
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 in.
  • Weight: 7.9 in.

I rarely use it for the reason I am about to explain. In court as expert witness, the defendants attorney asked me what moisture meter did I use. I said Delmhorst.
Who manufacturer’s that was his reply.
I stated, only the largest US manufacturer recognized as the largest manufacturers’ of moisture meter in the world.
He said, why not Tramex.
I said they were made in Ireland and I wanted a North American standard. I chuckled to myself. I purchase the TRAMEX MRHIII that week.

Specs are guaranteed by the manufacture. Personally I like recognized equipment. Don’t like ball probes. To each his own I guess.

Hope that helps.

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