Advice for a inspection form for a 60 unit complex

Does anyone have a good inspection form or software for a large 60 unit apartment complex? Need asap!

Nope. You basically need to create your own.
Welcome to commercial inspecting.


I use HIP and just customize a template for the number of apartments, common areas, MEP, & roof/exteriors.


If you do not have a customizable software program, like @jjonas stated; you are starting from scratch. I use Home Gauge, but the template I created for my commercial has very little resemblance to my residential.

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Is this the largest or first apartment complex you have inspected?

Not the first, definitely the largest…I was honestly hoping not to have to create a inspection form for a 11 building 60unit complex

I would inspect them as 11 different buildings. I write up the outside on each building just like a single residential inspection. The internal units and HVAC are separated in the report for that building. Just repeat 10 more times. With 60 units an overall executive summary would be appropriate .


Makes sense, thank you.

Under your SOP, you are limited to 4 unit building max. From what you are describing, this inspection would not be covered under interNACHI SOP, even if you have 11 individual reports. And what end user wants that?

This is a commercial inspection. Your insurance should be consulted. Your SOP should be defined. I apologize if you already have these pieces of information, I just want to be helpful. I recognized you did not ask these questions, only looking for a template.

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Sorry, I was referring to the residential SOP, which was suggested by another post (individual buildings and reports). I should have been more specific. Any luck with finding a template?

No luck, I have to make one tomorrow.

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Mr. Payson,
I have read that again and done the commercial property course. Could you point to where is says this inspection is not covered?

I didn’t say anything about not being covered. I quoted someone else. I gave you a link to a commercial standards of practice which is what you will need to use for this inspection.

Also, it’s going to take you a lot more than one day to create a commercial template based on the commercial inspection standards of practice.

I misunderstood, My apologies. Thank you for your insight.

This is quite unique. If you have never undertaken such a large project previously, this is a project.
HVAC and Services are third party. They report. They get any servicing repairs.

I am doing a 28 unit, every unit, common areas and the building next week. I do it all.

You have several ways to offer this type of inspection.
A percentage of units, 25%, common areas and building. Get ready for transformers.

Before I enter any unit, I photo graph each unit number or I create one on a blank sticky note.
Each unit is a 4 point and on to the next unit. Common areas and building at the end.

I estimate 10 minutes per unit. Front door, Services, Water heater, Laundry-room, Kitchen, Bath room, Habitable spaces, next.
I have a employee or chair person with me at all time.

Hope that helps.

What you going to charge?

I’m preparing. The client and myself have come to a agreement. I will do each building ( common areas, roof, exterior, basment…ect and three random units of my choosing in each building for a four point inspection.) My typical residential inspection I do based on square feet of residence. I charge $750.00 for 3000 Sq ft or more…so $750.00 × 11 = $8250.00.

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Looks like you got this mate :slight_smile:

A template would have sweetened the deal for sure.

By the looks of it, you’re are a new inspection. Joined in 2020.

Personally, I really don’t see how you came up that fee. This type of assessment is not residential, by any stretch of the imagination. I hope you have your commercial inspection prerequisite down pat.

Hopefully, you are not out of your league, Michael. But again, I am not privy to the contract.
11 building with 60 units should be manageable. This will put a lot of weight on your commercial insurance. Don’t miss is all I can recommend. Commercial and residential home inspections are a horse of a different collar.

Good luck.

He just showed you how he came up with the fee. And it does have a residential element to it, these are residential multi-unit houses.

He has a defined scope of work.

He has an agreement.

He is certified.

For the record, I think the fee is pretty spot on based on the scope of work he provided.

And I agree, the insurance portion is important. The liability increases exponentially.

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