Advice for becoming a home inspector.

I will start off by saying I am not new to the inspection field, I do construction and contract inspection in the USAF. I enjoy what I do and am wanting to get into the home inspection field and at least get the process started before I retire. I am in Missouri which currently has no licencing requirements, but I am wondering where to get started as far as obtaining the correct/best certifications to build up my credentials. Also any advice or tips are welcome. Thanks in advance for the help!!

Assuming what your USAF experience entails… my recommendation would be to bypass Residential inspections and go directly into Commercial inspections.


Even though your state has no lisencing, I would recommend a class room course similar to the ones that are required in Lisenced states. Because of your inspection background you may have a tendency to over inspect or inspect things that aren’t necessarily required on the civilian side. InterNachi is a great place to start, lots of great classes and resources to get your business off the ground quickly. I agree that you may want to focus on commercial inspections at first due to your experience and there is more competition in residential.