Advice for becoming an inspector, Valdosta, Ga.

Have a good friend considering the inspection business. Any advice specific to Georgia would be appreciated. He’s a non inspector looking to go in a new career path.

Thank you.

RUN!!!… Just kidding. My first advice would be to find two or three inspectors with longevity and buy their lunch . Take a pad and pen and ask 10-20 question, the same to each. Listen, take good notes and while there will be differing answers he will find a basis of 5-10 things common among them. This will give him a starting point.
Join one of the inspector organizations, I suggest NACHI because of the depth if support by leadership and vast resources. Take a class or two online here each week to begin honing skills.
Check the forums daily and read the threads that sound interesting to learn from the dialog and again, take notes.
Keep a day job and when he has his basis in place, start slow with a definitive plan and much grass roots marketing.
The reputation will come with time and he will know when it’s time to loose the day job.

Hope this helps some.

Do this. Tell him to read every word of

If he actually reads every word, and at the bottom, still wants to be a home inspectors… he’ll be a great one.

If he freaks out 1/4th of the way down and quits… you’ve done him a service by having him realize the profession isn’t for him.

Lol, true