Advice for Ride-Alongs

So I just wanted to give a few tips for those that request ride-alongs as I had one the other day that showed up and I wish that he had gotten some advice or had the common courtesy to at least be presentable.

Dont show up in a POS vehicle
Dont show up wearing clothes that look like they were slept in
Dont show up like you just left the bar 4 hrs ago
Dont show up without the proper writing utensils needed to take notes
Dont show up with an “I know everything attitude”
Dont answer questions or give advice from the clients or agents regarding the inspection

Your being there during the inspection is a liability to begin with and the host inspectors reputation can be diminished.

I welcome ride-alongs and will now make sure that I am very clear about the expectations of the persons allowed to go with.

Anyone else can pipe in on good advice for the inspectors that want to go on ride-alongs.

And my advice:

Don’t be based within my market area.

Want a ride-along? Be willing to get up early and drive 2 hours to a mentor in a different town so that he/she isn’t worried that you are a future competitor.

Any inspector on a ride a long in my opinon should present themselves as though they work for the host inspector, dressing professionaly.

When I did my initial ride a long I asked the host inspector ahead of time about proper clothing, and if I should bring any equipment.

Wow, sounds like you had a fun time Paul. Guys definitely need to show up prepared!

WOW! I have done a lot of mentoring and every one has been great .
Sorry for you Paul sounds like you got some one who should be looking for a different business .
Thanks for the update I am sure others will look closer at who they help.

What is a POS vehicle? LOL
Your being there during the inspection is a liability to begin with.
I was already asked by one that is taking the course this year from Sault College on “HOME INSPECTION TECHNICIAN DIPLOMA”
Now with what Nick has said I can send them all out of town.

Let’s not forget “Bring your own lunch” :mrgreen:

1.Arrive clean/prepared and on time.
2.Keep your mouth shut. You are there to learn not talk.
3.Buy the inspector lunch after if he has time.:wink:

Attached copied from a dear friend; if they don’t follow the guidelines, they become history…

Loved the article. Can I use it for the newbies??

I would like permission to post on a school website with proper credit and a link.

Thats what im talking about…Nice set of guidelines.

Oh and dont get me wrong…Ive had a few go with me and all was great. Just sometimes you get knuckleheads.

The only ride alongs I have ever allowed was when the home was vacant, the buyer was NOT going to be present, the agent(s) were not going to be staying for the inspection. That way I can take longer, explain things more in depth and allows them to ask questions. This also keeps them from scaring the hell out of the customer needlessly with OMGs! and Holy S*** when they see something. YOU control all inspection situations and that includes ride alongs. If some bonehead showed up looking like what was described he would not have been going along…period, and he would know the reasons why. That can be done in a calm, but firm explantion. No one wants to get their butt chewed out like a 14 yr old but you, the inspector can take control of your business.

The ride along could not park in the driveway. If their vehicle is a thunderbolt grease slapper and leaves an oil stain that reflects on me and I will sure as hell be blamed. All the other stuff has already been addressed.

Well, I have had like 3 requests for a ride along in 8 1/2 years and have turned them all down. These are guys in MY area that are wanting to ride along and me teach them how to do a home inspection so they can then work in MY area and I won’t do that. I am not about to train a competitor!

I used to to Ride Alongs
Until I was presented with a Liability Dilemna
from an attorney…

Client enters into a contract for Inspection.
As a contracted party of the Inspection, I carry GL, E&O and Workers Compensation.

If I bring along an additional party (not employed)
That individual must have his own Business Insurance, GL and Workers Compensation policy to be on-site.

If he does not, and he were to be injured,
his only recourse is to sue the current Homeowner.

The Homeowner
would then Sue the Inspection Firm that invited the independent individual to attend.
You will find that your Business Insurance does not cover Independent Contractors (not Employed).

I do not do ride alongs anymore…
without compensation
is not worth the risk…