Advice for Transitioning to Home Inspector

This is my first post and I hopefully put it in the right section. I’m looking for a little advice for transitioning into a home inspector. I’ve been a construction engineer for the past 9 years. Also, about 6 years ago I got involved with realestate. I currently own 37 rental properties. I’m looking to transition from a full time engineer to a home inspector. I like real estate and I’m looking forward to doing it full time. I do all repairs/remodels on my rentals and so I’m very knowledgable on houses. However, I do plan on taking an online training course. Who offers the best online/distant training course? We rarely have courses offered in person here and I’m not able to take 2 weeks off from work to attend them. Just looking for some advice as I’d like to start the home inspection on the side and then transition into full time. thanks, Justin

Good place to start

Also with all that rental income you can afford the dues so join the club.

So, with all of those rental properties, you really want to be a home inspector? Give molly a run for the money.

You are in the only place I can recommend.


W H Y ???

Justin, I completely agree with Mike above.


Justin come ride with me were only 85 miles apart I can not teach Farnsworth how to climb roofs perhaps I can teach you what I know been at it a while

This is an offer you shouldn’t pass up.

Agreed. Thanks Charley.

I also agree Charley will damn sure show you a day in the life :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK in whatever you decide:)

Thanks everyone for the great advice and opinions so far. Several of the comments were basically “why would you want to get into this when you have rental property.” The reason is because I like being involved in real estate and I’m passionate about it. I also feel the home inspection goes hand in hand with my property management, remodeling, repairs, real estate investing… and I’m getting burnt out on being an engineer and having a boss. It’s time for me to get out on my own. With home inspections, I can make my own schedule for the most part. I probably don’t plan on becoming a full-time inspector, but more like a 1/2 - 3/4 time inspector (yes, I know I’ll hear some comments about this). I also like to travel a lot, and this allows me to have more freedom then having to ask the boss if I can take off.

Charlie, thanks for the invite and I think I will definitely take you up on that offer within the next few weeks. Maybe you could email me at so we could get in touch about a plan.

One last thought. Why do so many of the inspectors like to scare people off? Or question why someone wants to get involved with it? Example, several of you made the comment “Why would I want to do home inspections?” If it’s that bad, why do you guys do it? There are numerous other types of careers out there. I’m guessing it’s because you like it and are passionate about it too. I have a really good idea what a typical day would be like. I’ve been remodeling, repairing, buying, selling every type of real estate you can imagine. I own a mobile home park and I’m constantly crawling underneath the homes to access plumbing… Been on more roofs than you can imagine. And I’ve been a Field Construction Engineer for the past 9 years. I’m very technical and detail oriented. But I would definitely like to ride along with Charlie for some hands on experience.

thanks again everyone.

You will not be making your own schedule you will be the lowest man on the pole when it comes to scheduling. You like working weekends? You will HAVE to make your schedule around nuisance part-time realtors and wishy washy clients timeframes.

You will most likely make a tremendous amount less money inspecting than being an engineer.


Best $30 you can spend if considering this profession.

It will help you make a decision as well and teach you the right way to do things without having to learn the hard way as most of us have.

my 2 cents:

Many try to scare off inspectors because they are afraid of the competition and others want new inspectors to understand that this is work. Pure and simple you only get out of it what you put into it. Personally I put much into it and get much out of it, I too have a passion for this service. Working part-time can be an issue if you have someone who refers to you and you are not available when they need you. It can be done though, you will likely spend more time marketing than the full-time inspector that has a consistent referral base. I certainly would not try to compete on price.

You have mail

My suggestion would be to start looking at software for your reports if you like I can send you a dummy report. Your report is just as important as your ability to perform a inspection

Justin, Take Charley up on his offer, but just don’t mess with his Red Hat…:shock:


lol I can answer why we do it , because we are into self abuse, Just kidding i think John answer it .

Mike hates inspections because he lives in Florida and spends more time in attics than anyone should. I dont blame him. His problem is Florida more than inspecting but he wont ever move. He likes to be bitter.

You might just be mistaken and correct at the same time :slight_smile:

It is the heat that I despise the most but I currently may get an offer working for a National Home Builder and moving to a more hospitable " climate related" area would be a welcome change at this stage in my life.

I am crossing my fingers to say the least :slight_smile:

Honestly being Bitter is quite new to me 6 years or so is all. The vast majority of my life you would be hard pressed to find a happier more well liked satisfied guy in the world. The construction crash and death of my Father has really taken the wind out of my sails to say the least. FOr the record I cannot stand the bitter depressed guy I have become and am constantly looking for a way to change it. I currently have hope and that is WAY BETTER that the complete despair I have felt for the last few years.

get away from Hell’s flames. I hate the summer here and couldnt imagine it down there. dont get me wrong… I love Florida but I prefer to be in the water when Im down there, not in an attic. :slight_smile: