Advice on brochure and business card distribution.

Hi guys, just starting out and getting excited! I’m curious on your professional opinions about how big to go at the start, in terms of area to market. I’m going to start out with printing 5,000 brochures and 5,000 business cards and I want to go to every Realtor office in my county as well as 5 surrounding counties… My girlfriend is a Realtor and she’s suggesting that I only target my county at first and see the response. However, my girlfriend is not an inspector and that’s why I’m here, to absorb any professional advice that I can. Thank you much!

Real estate agents are notorious for throwing inspector’s business cards into the trash. Staple your business card to the front of these and they’ll generate inspection jobs for years:

You mean the circular file. Using such harsh words will get you on the Realtor’s blackball list in no time :D.