advice on roof concerns

I have major concerns about the install of my new roof. I would like to show
some photos and see what you think. I will start with the valleys.

we get a snow load and I have a large birch tree that puts a lot of leaves and such on this area of the roof.

where the valleys meet the shingles are missing

the ridge cap covers but sheds water under this flap and into the pocket.

here is the pocket for water and tree junk to collect. the pocket has exposed underlayment so water goes under shingles.

down at the eaves the starter course ends are lapped over each other in the valley and made a build up. and the first 2 shingle courses aren’t laying down in valley and are bridging

the bridging is spliting water into two run offs. I have already seen a large ice dam form in both valleys at eaves.

gutters are installed

No valley flashing and wrong location of ridge cap.
This will fail the first year. You are going to have a mess to clean up in the spring.:frowning:

here are some chimney flashing shots.

general photos of work…
kitchen range vent with cap removed

bath vent jack not installed

lead jack for electric mast pole not installed. it’s setting on roof in previous photo

step shingles installed in every other course and nailed in wrong location

I think I understand “no valley flashing” but what do you mean “wrong location of ridge cap.”

I would contact another local roofer to look at it for you. Don’t wait for it to fail.

I have had other roofers look it over. It’s my understanding some feel it’s typical and others told me it is junk and will fail. I am wondering what unbiased inspectors say.

There are so many issues on this roof. I could right a book on it.

I’ll take the first copy!

Is it leaking yet ? Go into your attic and have a look ! :roll::smiley:

There is more to it than is it leaking now. It’s a 50 yr. roof that is a couple months old. My last roof(40yr.) lasted 11 before it started leaking and needed to be entirely replaced. At this point I am not going to inspect the attic with every storm.

WOW roofing at it best.

Firstly that chimney needs a cricket.
It is poorly flashed and the stone are a beast to flash.
I use lead as the flashing and if I have to I trim stone to apply a proper 10 inch finish counter flashing.
Cap finish is wrong in the ridge venting.
That ridge venting looks like it is on a hip and that is the cheapest ridge venting and poorly designed. ( to me ) I have never used ridge venting.
The sizer are wrong and flashing was used at the dormers.
Every shingle should be sized and flashing on top.
Electrical boot is finished poorly. I am being nice.
A woven valley. That is 2 this month that I have seen. Why in that climate.
Those vents are being cut in after. Very poor practice.
That is no small roof. I am guessing 25 plus square. What a waste of money.
Did you see any ice shield? that guy needs shield.

Landon I hope you are not doing the job. I see cut shingles and every indication it was you or you are taking photos as they are gone for lunch.
You are doing a phase inspection of sort.
By the way, by the looks of things these guys are permanently OUT TO LUNCH.
I can go on by why bother.

Forgot to mention to you, I am a journeyman roofer.

Unbelievable!! after that roof is torn off do yourself a favor befre the new roof is installed and frame in the required cricket on the highside of the chimney

It’s gonna be hard to read if you spell like that throughout the book! lol just kidding.

wright write right rite ryt. that s english for u:)
Thanks I was so mad I didn’t even think of my spelling.
cn u fgr ot wat ths sys.

Do they require permit where you are to install a roof. If so, I would call them out to the house and go over these issues.

You can also call the shingle manufacturer. Many times they will send a rep out to review the installation

Your pictures are fine yet the best thing to do is to hire a local NACHI inspector in your area who is versed with various types of roofing and flashing… think of it as an investment to protect your investment.


No permit needed on roofing shingle jobs…
Company has to be licensed.
1: Look use an inspector that does Phase inspections.
2: Call the company now to give them notice of the job.Certified letter and explain that you will take legal action within 10 working days if no rep comes.
They will send a rep.
3: Follow all directions that the phase inspector gives you.
Tell the company to do as follows or take litigation against the company.
Write a certified and or registered letter ( NOW).
That’s your best bet.
Just my view.
Get a home inspector. ( phase inspector ) to do a report.