Advice on warehouse inspection

I have done commercial inspections on residential style office buildings, but this inspection is on a metal warehouse and I could use some advice.

Look at the pictures - It’s really an empty warehouse, the buyer will be remodelling it to have air conditioning inside and pottery making studios. He’s getting an architect and GC to remodel.

He wants me to do a general structural inspection.

Suggestions on how to inspect that roof? Can you walk on a metal roof like that?

Anything in particular I should be looking out for?

Of course you can walk on the roof.

If you are not sure of how to inspect a commercial property then may I ask why you are inspecting one?

Thank you for the reply David. I’ve looked for training courses on Commercial, didn’t find any. What do you recommend?

I’d like to say 20 years minimum, in the field with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, but you could start here;

Yes you can walk on the roof. You could do an IR scan on the flat roof.

The ceiling insulation was installed wrong but that doesn’t matter now.

Moisture damage to the metal structure.

Kind of useless in the torn up condition, isn’t it. ?

What good would that do? The roof is sheet metal (it can be seen inside where the insulation is missing).
The roof panels are probably held by self drilling self tapping screws with rubber washers. The panels are joined with standing seams.
Look for damaged panels, seams, missing screws, rust and check the roof penetrations for leaks, deteriorated caulking or sealant, improperly installed boots.

It’s obvious you did not see the flat roof portion.

Could you provide more info, why was the ceiling insulation installed wrong?

Think about what has happened to the insulation at the purlins. Normally done at walls and roofs on these older metal buildings, I still see it done even today. :roll:

Yes, the insulation is squished at the purlins, but most of the per-enginneered buildings around here are all like that Ken.
Depends on the Manufactures Design. It still provides a small thermal break to prevent condensation on the metal. But agree on not much r-value. :slight_smile:

Agree. :wink: