Aerial Inspection Services

We recently received correspondence offering commercial aerial imaging services.
Rates start at $100 and the services are offered by a commercial pilot.
Does anybody here offer comparable rates?
Do you charge extra for home inspections with aerial services?

Why not just buy a Drone?

Then you can have a new toy to play with as well. A pilot is way more limited and cannot do what a Drone could do.

If you get aerial requests often that is what I would do.

Hell yes I would charge extra. Anytime I can get a good reason and especially for ancillary services. They may or may not know I am charging them for it but it goes into the price all the same.

Good grief Mikey, do you really think that guy is flying his 747 for aerial shots?? The service Linus is referencing is a drone service. I may also get into this since I am half way there as a commercial pilot, but my area is saturated with airports which severely limits my work area.

I thought he likely had his own private plane for the work. I have a friend that is a spirit pilot and he also has his own personal plane :slight_smile: I think drones have basically put most of the old fashioned aerial photo guys who flew planes out of biz :frowning: