Aerocool evaporative cooler are

Hey all, I could use a hand aging an evaporative cooler by Aerocool. The manufacturer is not listed on building center, so I was hoping someone out there has had some experience with Aerocool. The serial number is 2670327. I am guessing 2003, but would like to be more solid than a guess.

If no one out there knows, I will call the manufacturer tomorrow and report back how to date it.



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Post your photo of the Date plate.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for the quick response, unfortunately the unit only had the model number and serial number and no date plate on it.


He meant the whole data plate, do you have a clear photo of it?


FYI… there is more telling ‘clues’ about a Data plate than just the S & M numbers. Get in the habit of taking clear photos of all data plates, whether you think you need it or not. I don’t delete mine until the report is done and sent off.


Thanks for the feedback. That is my typical habit, but the buyers are going to replace the evaporative cooler with a central air conditioning system so I just didn’t think about capturing a pic. My hope is to figure out how to pull it from the serial number for future reference if I run across this unit again. I’ll give the mfg a call today and post back later on how to pull from the serial number (assuming you can that is). Thanks again Jeffrey and Junior for your responses and being in an active role for all of us here.


There are some brands that just do not make it easy to decipher the age from a serial # Some Mini-Splits are notorious for this. I forget what brand it was but it said you could call the manufacturer to get the date by suppling the SN…(after a long wait on hold after they gave me the exact day/Mo/Year) I asked them for future reference how it was coded in the Serial #…They said there is no code, they have to look up each SN to tell. After that, if it is not readily listed on the data plate or can not find it easily on on Building Center or another of our easy cheat sheets. I record the SN on the report and state: “Date of Manufacture unknown”. Sitting on hold with a manufacturer… is less fun than waiting for your Little Orphan Anny Decoder in the mail.

Do what you can but don’t sweat those manufacturers that do not want to give us easylookupable info… oh yes and Bsur2drinkURovalteen


Imo the condition of the EC is more important than the actual component age. I have seen them corrode apart in 3 years, and the most well taken care of steel frame 3 panel EC I have seen lasted an exceptional 27 years. Due to the difficulty of the task, and subsequent time expenditure, I chose to spend it with extra effort in inspecting and report writing.

Just a thought, perhaps the blower motor data tag has a manufacture date.