Aeroseal of Nashville - Building Weatherization

Indoor Air Quality - Mold - Allergies - Musty Smells – High Utility Costs – Moisture Control – Radon Gas – Air Duct Cleaning – Uncomfortable Temperatures– Poor HVAC Performance – Air Leakage – High Dust Levels – Odors; all of these issues have one thing in common that contribute to their severity, HVAC Air Duct Leakage.

I have hundreds of home inspections on file that address weatherization issues associated with air duct sealing, but up to this point there is little my clients could do to improve the situation. Attempting to seal air ducts with mastic and tape do little to improve building performance. It is difficult, if not impossible to access and seal all leaks mechanically.

Weatherization testing facilities like Oak Ridge Laboratories, Department of Energy, ASHRAE and organizations like LEED, HERS, Energy Star and BPI all acknowledge the significant effects associated with air duct leakage, but without an effective means of sealing these air delivery systems very little is being accomplished.

For Nashville and Middle Tennessee the wait for an effective solution to high utility bills, indoor air quality issues and building comfort is over!

You can now reduce the air leakage of your HVAC system as much as 95% or more, and recover the 20 - 40% loss of your Air Conditioning & Heating systems (even in New Construction).

Check out this incredible Energy Efficiency process at Aeroseal of Nashville.

David, I watched the video and was impressed, especially, with the screen that they put in the return and it sealed that up tight.

It is very cool technology how it works. Sealing it up tight from the inside of the ducts.

I’m happy for you. You’ve got a good process there to help people with the energy efficiency of their systems.

Good fortune in your endeavors, my friend. :smiley:

Hi Dave, very cool product. I can’t tell you how many ducts I’ve sealed with mastic and tape, what a pain it is and not always effective, especially during a retrofit where you can’t get at half of the ducts.
If your ever looking to expand to NH let me know, I would definitely be interested.

I tried to contact as many Tennessee home inspectors that have infrared thermal imaging equipment at the HITAcontinuing education training at United Structural Systems last weekend.

All we have to do is teach them to find this:

And we can do this:

And make it all go away! :slight_smile:

When I took the BPI Energy Auditor Certification course a couple of years ago, I learned of this technology from a few of the classmates that provided aeorosealing services to the local gas company.

The last time I did the tape and mastic dance I felt like I was doing more harm then good sometimes… this seems much less invasive and more effective.

very impressive David…

Here’s a good one. This is when returns are built out of framing members. :roll: