AFCI Breaker/GFCI Rec

Can an AFCI breaker take the place of a GFCI Rec. in a wet location?

AFCI devices have a Class “B” type of GFP protection. This is generally set at 20-40 miliamps.
Where a GFCi device is a Class “A” type device, which is set at between 4 and 6 Miliamps. This is the type required for most GFCI applications.

Thanks, do you see a GFI breaker in this panel On the ledger it states two bathrooms (which have normal rec.) are covered by GFI breakers. All I see are the AFCI. Also All 20 amp breakers.

The breaker with the red test button is the GFCI.

That is the only one I found too. It states that breakers 16 and 18, on the right are protecting the bathrooms with GFI protection. It was built in 2003, I thought maybe i was missing something.

Found my answer…