AFCI for Al wiring protection

Would installing AFCI breakers be helpful with Al wiring? I.E., if the AFCI trips, it would then alert the homeowner that there’s a problem with the circuit.

Sounds like a good idea but in reality, the arc fault would probably trip on most circuits due to shared neutrals when it was first activated. I doubt if any electricians would want that job due to the large amount of callbacks.

Until they actually get the “series arc” device in the field I doubt it helps much. As I understand it an aluminum failure might just be a slow cooking anyway without much arcing.

I do this work. They do make a 2-pole arc fault breaker for shared neutral circuits (multiwire branch circuits). If there are any call-backs, I’ll do those too, since they’d be billable. The AFCI trips for a reason, and when that reason is found, I charge accordingly.

So an AFCI may help provide a warning to the homeowner that there’s a problem with an AL wire circuit?
Could AFCI breaker, and a GFCI receptacle be placed on the same circuit?

It could, but there’s no guarantee. It’s an added layer of safety.

You bet. Matter of fact, sometimes it’s plainly required.