AFCI future Requirements

  1. When will all circuits in a home be required to be on AFCI?

  2. If If a bathroom adjoins a bedroom without a door between the bath area and the bedroom, is the bathroom required to be on AFCI?

From your perspective as a Texas HI then the requirement to report, as deficient, the lack of AFCI’s will very possibly become mandated as early as August regardless of what any codes or other rules might apply. The proposed TREC SOP states that the following must be reported

So, be prepared to start reporting that. If you don’t feel that requirement is accurate or is not appropriate then I’d recommend you let your feelings be known to TREC asap.

Yes, I have been reading the requirements, and wonder who thought some of them up?

I guess if they “TREC” enforce some of them, on my report it will say:

" Please contact the Texas Real Estate commission Tel #…

Customers are going to be confused. “Why is it deficient if not required?”

“Isn’t this Grandfathered?”

I called my electrician and he said, “Who said that. What an Idiot!”

Is my Hot water heat adequate for my size home?


The proposed SOP was drafted by a committee of your peers. See the TREC website for specific names of the Inspectors Advisory Committee and the SOP sub-committee.

TREC will not enforce anyone other than you & I, i.e. HI’s, to abide by the SOP. You are the only one that will be held accountable.

Yes…customers, HI’s, and everyone else will be confused. All except the litigators I suspect.

I encourage you and others that have differing opinions on the proposed SOP to make your voices heard. Draft a short, precise e-mail outlining your concerns specifically and send it to (copy me please if you do send anything at ) and she will collect all responses and get them to the Inspectors Committee for consideration. Just don’t expect much.

Of my Peers sounds like a COURT.

I personally wrote them about some of the proposed rules months ago.

A lot of good it did.

Maybe if they have to explain to the customers, then they will change the requirements!