I was conducting an inspection on a townhome yesterday and I came across an interesting find with the AFCI/GFCI.

The front exterior gfci was controlled downstream at the garage.

Rear gfci tripped but did not reset so I figured it was controlled downstream as well.

Sub panel is in garage and second bedroom is AFCI protected.

The master bedroom is labeled at the panel and there is a GFCI installed.

This GFCI was the one that was controlling the exterior GFCI so it was double protected and the panel was mis labeled.

The master bedroom was not AFCI protected.

So I recommended an electrician to review the panel as it is improperly labeled and due to the age of the residence a AFCI needs to be installed instead of the GFCI.

Do you think the original electrician mistakenly inserted a GFCI instead of an AFCI?

175311 039.jpg

175311 027.jpg

I have seen it on many occasions.

That is because your are in all those high end new homes:D

I get a newer build older than 2002 maybe 1 out of 25 homes.

I see the weather is warming up in the high 60’s low 70’s. Is it getting smoggy to?

Do you ever have it were the smog is so thick it restricts your inspection?

Some electricians are still trying to understand AFCI’s and their functions as opposed to GFCI’s.

Smog levels always increase when the winds stop or slow down. There’s never been a time where visibility is affected, but there are many days when I feel as if I’ve smoked a pack of cigs (which I gave up over 20 years ago.)