AFCI in Bedrooms and four point?

Do we unscrew and open all bedroom switches to check this or is checking just one enough?



I hate to say it but it appears that you know enough to be dangerous!!

you test the bedroom AFCI’s by pressing the test button on the breaker.

We have a very comprehensive online electrical course that as a member you are REQUIRED to take, please do so real fast.


Thanks, I’ll take it right now so I can be sure of what I am doing when I begin to do these inspections.



I see your a working member. I went through all the requirements in just a week. You can to and this is the first step you need to do is work towards full membership. I read read and I read somemore. Everyday I am reading something new. – Read all his columns

These above are a great starting point. Study them. One thing is clear Jason if your lacking education your going to miss something. Ensure once you do start inspecting you have a experienced home inspector look over your report to help you better understand. You won’t be a pro over night. This business is a learn as you go system. However the more you read now the better you’ll be. I studied under a CMI for awhile before I ever did my first paid inspection. I highly advise you do that. Also make sure you use something that looks professional for a report. Don’t do something up in word and turn it in unless you know what your doing like RR and others. If you ever need help let anyone of us know. Jason you have joined the best organization on this planet.

– Another thing volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Get out there and build houses if you never have. That will teach you a ton. Ask a electrician and a HVAC tech to let you join them on a inspection if one will.

– Get ICC certified. It’s a huge help. IRC – International Residential Code

PS. Im tired. I have alot more resources. If you ever need anything just ask.

Thank You! I realise how stupid my question was.

I was motivated to post the question because of an article I read.

This article refers to an AFCI tester on the market. Seems like there is controversy on the subject of AFCI use.

So yeah I mentioned looking at wires etc because I thought that would determine another option.

Anyhow I appreciate all the advice and I realise that one can not be affraid to ask questions no matter how stupid they may appear.

I am learning something new everyday and I am glad I am sourrounded by so many professionals.

Thanks for all the tips.


Hi Jason, the only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked, sorry if my prior response was a little “pithy”

Yes there is a problem with testers, my own hi-end SureTest needs a firmware upgrade as they do not properly test the breakers. I have done it manually using the test and reset buttons for quite some time as I have never trusted that the SureTest was working properly.



Jason remember this no question is ever stupid in this business. We just want you to become educated so you can turn the favor around and help someone new down the road. ALWAYS ask question no matter how little. With that said though I’m not sure how much experience you have in home construction. If none get to reading and do not do a home inspection until you know what your doing. I have not near the experience as alot of these guys here. However if I don’t know something I research and I dig. Remember two things. Google and Wikipedia know pretty much everything if you don’t know. I can’t stress this enough. START CREATING A LIBRARY. :slight_smile: I story everything I see or come across from these guys as long. Keep in mind one day you and I will be just as good or better than some old timers here. Why? For starters I’m about 10 yrs younger than most :wink: and I have a HUGE desire to suck up as much as I can. Think were I’ll be in 10 yrs from now as a home inspector. I’ve been doing this for a bit now but I can’t claim years and years like alot here can. So keep posting and keep asking. That’s how your going to learn. By the way Gerry is like the NACHI electrical guru and he’s very helpful.


I’m with Gerry on this even though I’ve tried most and own a few testers :shock:

The opinion of the industry and breaker manufactureconvinced me

BTW Jason, Mike’s article is from the days when AFCI was being hotly debated, not so much the case today, 2008 NEC AFCI info

No offense taken!

I am hear to learn and getting beat up is no problem.

I managed and developed several Modular Home projects in the Florida Keys.

Well that was a while ago and it just won’t work in this market anymore.

So yes, I have construction experience.

Have you ever seen a house flying through the air?

Well that’s what it looks like when you swing one section then another onto an elevated 12 foot high foundation.:slight_smile:

Once again, Thanks to all of you. One day I will be glad to help others just as you are doing for me.