Afci Recalls

It was mentioned on our board about AFCI’S being recalled, if anyone has forgoten about these recalls and need to see the list of recalls go to NACHI’S electrical exam site and u can download the list provided by CPSC which is Schnieder Electric North American Div. over 700,000 AFCI’S are being recalled, they are described with a small blue buttom. Anything mgf after 3/01/04…
you can print this page and keep it handy …incase you run into one. if you go under AFCI requirements you will find a paragraph and a printing instructions.

Be safe everyone

I believe that you are referring to a Square D AFCI recall that dates back to 2004.

Here is the CPSC URL with a clarifying statement. There is a link at this statement that will take you to the original recall notice back in 2004.

Pretty much a resolved issue. I saw a lot of these recalled AFCI’s back in 2004-2005 and have hardly seen any since.