I have have just moved into new house. Afci only in bedrooms. Nec says all 15 and 20 amp circuits must be Afci.

Is this only an american thing. Confused in Canada.
Can’t find answers

Hi Kevin:
Canadian standard says, Branch circuits that supply receptacles installed in sleeping facilities of a dwelling unit shall be protected by an AFCI. Canadian Electrical code 26-722 (C.E.C) book. It is not a big deal if you have it in your panel box you should check it every month or every two months to be sure they work properly.

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I have heard rumours to the effect that it may be required in the near future. But Mazyar is correct.


Yes, Mazyar and Claude are right. As Claude states; something appears to be changing with electrical code in Ontario, but I haven’t been able to track down any facts. I’ve seen new tamper resistant receptacles in 2 brand new builds which, I thought, wasn’t yet required in Ontario.

I have this tester. It also measures circuit resistance. Since the approval of plastic water supply pipes the electrical panel must be grounded with a ground rod or plate. When they are not visible I test the wall socket closest to the panel for ground and neutral resistance.
It is recommended that maximun ground and neutral resistance for electronic equipment is 0.25 ohms and max. 1 ohm for all other uses.