When doing an inspection on new construction an afci breaker had a double tap going to two different bedrooms, is this allowed. I called out a double tap on another job and was informed by the electrician the county allows a double tap when one is a low voltage, so I want to cover my a*#

The circuit on an AFCI breaker has both the grounded (neutral) and ungrounded (hot) conductors attached to the breaker plus an additional conductor which attaches to the neutral bus terminal (3 conductors total attached to the breaker).

Multi-circuit attachments to the AFCI (with a shared neutral) are commonly resulting in nuisance tripping of the AFCI.

If it’s actually a “double tap” (two conductors under a single terminal listed for only one conductor), it is simply wrong.

I don’t suppose you have a picture?

It was definitely a double tap as both wires leaving the lug were labled as guest bedroom one and guest bedroom two.Thanks for your help.

Some breakers are acceptable with two conductors under a single terminal, like this:

I don’t think I’ve seen an AFCI breaker with this type of terminal.

Unless you use a double afci breaker, this setup will not work. Each hot conductor needs a neutral return conductor for an afci too work.
How can you double tap a low voltage off of high voltage? The tap will be at the same voltage potential as what it is being tapped off of.