When was it construction starting having AFCIs? 1995? cannot remember.


yep, 2002 officially,

The first requirement for AFCIs appeared in the 1999 NEC under Sec. 210.12. Subsequent NEC editions have further upgraded the requirements for its use. The 1999 edition rules, **
which became effective in 2002**, required that dwelling unit bedrooms in new homes have AFCIs installed to protect only branch circuits that supply 125V, single-phase, 15A and 20A receptacle outlets.
After further research and analysis of the technology and its potential safety benefits, the 2002 edition updated Sec. 210.12 and expanded the requirement for AFCIs to include all bedroom circuits in new homes, including those that supply lighting fixtures, smoke alarms, and other equipment. Section 210.12 was again revised in 2005 to provide for a technology upgrade to the combination type of AFCIs. While previous generations of AFCIs detected parallel arcing, the combination AFCI could also detect series arcing.
The 2008 NEC further recognized the combination AFCI. In its attempt to take electrical safety a step further, it now requires that all new home construction install combination AFCIs in additional living areas in the home as well as bedrooms.

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