Affiliate Marketing?

Hey guys,

Wife is at home after major surgery…

She will be laid up for some time and ran some stuff by me to do affilliate marketing… I guess you have ads for products and such and receive money by clicks and/or sales.

She has time to kill until she goes back to work (6 weeks) and was looking into this.

Anyone have any experience with this?


Tim, maybe it’s late, or maybe I’m dense, but I don’t quite follow what you are asking.
A number of members have view this, with no responses, so I may not be alone . . .

I prolly did a bad job of describing, mostly cause I have little knowledge myself.

Apparently companies pay you to do marketing for them thru way of placing ads on internet… you get revenue by way of clicks and sales. I guess the first one to start it was is what I was told.

Sounded kinda iffy to me… but I have no experience with things like that.



Tim, have her sell InterNACHI memberships to non-members. She can discount the membership fee if she wants. She can keep all the money. Call me for more info (720) 272-8578.

Wow…how generous Nick.

I’d be surprised to see her decline this offer.


Thank you again!


Just spoke with her on the phone. Nice gal.

Well, there ya go, Tim -
The NACHI MB in action!

Russell, I just shipped you 2 cases of books to deliver to agents.

Nick I need mine :slight_smile:

Kind of reminds me of the Tiny Classified Ads scam.

Bill, your’s went out at the same time. We shipped 4,000 books today. I was the packer, so you are all gettin’ something extra special with your orders (all except Russell, he has one already).

Fantastic, Nick-