AFGI's in Kitchen Narrative

Does anyone have a good narrative for AFCI receptacles used above countertop and next to sink instead of GFCI in a kitchen.

Is the gfi protection at the panel?

No, did not respond to test button

AFCI and GFCI are both required (depending on code cycle year) or GFCI (at a minimum w/AFCI as an upgrade) so your narrative would be for missing GFCI if (as Jim asked) GFCI is not provided at the panel.

Does not mean it isn’t present. Three light testers often fail to produce as intended.

Would a GFCI tester trip an AFCI receptacle?

No, at least I would not expect it to, but it should trip the GFCI breaker on the same circuit. And again, it is common for three light GFCI testers to NOT trip a GFCI outlet or breaker. The button on the unit is the only 100% accurate test.

I only see one light on the tester. If the recetacle is not grounded a three light tester will not cause the GFCI to trip. Need to check thebreaker type.