AFLAC Insurance

Not sure if anyone participates in this, but you should look into it.

I have had an Accident and Disability Policy for many years.
It came as a big help in 2007 when I was laid up with a broken leg (requiring surgery) and out of work for over 16 weeks.

Fast forward to last week,
I cut my hand … did not look bad at first… but did not look good a few hours later…
went to an Emergency Medical Walkin Service…
Physician checked, cleaned and bandaged…
I paid the Fee, Insurance should re-imburse…

is also sending me a check for $155 for my time to treat over and above my Insurance Co-Pay & re-imbursement.


You got yourself showing as an employee of your company, right?

I was told since I am a sole proprietorship, they could not write me a policy. I inspected a commercial building for AFLAC when they expanded in central Missouri. Seems like nice people.

I was told the same thing on AFLAC. You can take out a disability policy, that use your tax return or pay stubs to determine coverages…being a sole proprietor doesnt matter.

I have it.

Let me elaborate, I was told that if I did not have a payroll check for my own income I couldn’t get it. As an owner of a corporation, If I were put on payroll, they would issue a policy as I 'd be considered an employee. As it stands, i take owners draw/dispersements so I’m out unless I want to put together an actuall payroll, not likely until my company grows a bit more.