After 21 years I'm stepping away from InterNACHI to form a new commercial association

Thank you Nick for all you have done

Thanks for everything Nick!!!

Good Luck

You are an inspiration! Best to you and those you will be in contact with.

Holy crap!
I do believe that is the most words Mark has used in a single post in the 11+ years that I’ve been here!! :razz:

Nick should be totally flattered and honored!!! :mrgreen:

Very nice Jeffrey

What is the going rate for commercial buildings? Per Square foot?

$0.28 p/sf +++

Don’t listen to Jeffrey Jonus.

The going rate is .35 cents per sq/ft.

City slicker!

City slicker!

(Note I included “+++”).

I am. Very nice.

Update: We applied for Federal tax-exempt status.

Update: We’ve begun construction on our movie set. We have an all new electrical service and bathrooms: Historic Bank Becomes Movie Set for Commercial Inspection Training Videos - InterNACHI

that’s exciting…


I’m happy to help if you need anyone in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina area. I also want to join, of course.

All the best for you and CCPIA,

Britt Treece, CMI
Raleigh, NC