After 3 years we finally got our Canadian Trademark Registered for;jsessionid=0000rGEGLP0ekzJlK6K6kZrnL2h:1247nfca5?lang=eng&fileNumber=1275065&extension=0&startingDocumentIndexOnPage=1

Canadian Trademark Registration Number: TMA727854


Hey Nick!

 Thanks for one more terrific bonus for being part of the INachi family. You always

seem to know just how to help us, in terms of promotion, and websearch. …You da man!

It was an important mark, as InterNACHI begins to move away from residential real estate transactions and toward owner-purchased annual inspections.

Every home and commercial building should be inspected every year.

That will be going a stretch, around here it is hard to just get the resale homes a look over, would be nice though!!:smiley:

THREE YEARS! The wheels of government turn slowly up here. Unless you are trying to over throw that government of course.