After Action Report!

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Hey Nick,

Last evening I had my first meeting with my first broker, the person you sent the mouse pad to and it went really well, I thought.

We are about 10 miles from Gettysburg where there are two local inspectors, Gettysburg HI and Mason-Dixon HI. One of those guys, Steve something, manages a marina as his main job. She had brochures, not from them, but from a couple of other franchises with 1-800 numbers. I think one was Home-Tech and the other was something like Inspect Pro??

She LOVED the binder. We sat across from each other at a small desk and she went through almost every page. We spent a lot of time going through the new SOP. She really liked the "what Matters Most" article and intends to hand it out. She likes the fact that I am right there in Carroll Valley. She knows my wife, and her two boys who are in school with her kids. She knows our house! She is like the local Yenta...she knows all and sees all. And she's the only RE broker within the 10 miles. She told me not to worry, that she thought there was plenty of work for me. She said she really likes the idea of a HI because it covers all the bases...she used to get a builder to come in and look around, but they really didn't know plumbing/elec/hvac/etc.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that she was really impressed with NACHI and she loved the binder and was showing it off to other agents in her office!

Thanks Nick!

Kip Hamilton
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The combination of a personal one-on-one visit with is a killer.

Thanks for sharing.