After all ASHI's whinning about our online edcuation and exams, they join us.

Their own school (Founded by ASHI ex-presidents) is jumping on the NACHI bandwagon:

I received an email from them today, even though I already have my license I was curious. Anyway on your link above under choose your state, Illinois isn’t there, but there school is in Illinois. Further on at another class they offer it says Illinois requires you to have E&O insurance and gives you a link where you can get it. Illinois doesn’t require E&O.

I took this course three years ago.

I found the usual ASHI bias which was easy to ignore…but it is very heavy on the ASHI reliance upon building a relationship with commissioned real estate salesmen to get business. Most of the marketing “training” is geared toward that effect and the report, itself, as well.

I completed all of my blocks and the last block required an inspection of my own home (or someone else’s) using their RE salesman friendly ckecklist report. I wrote them and asked if I could please turn in a narrative report, since that was what I was using for my real inspections. They refused.

I took their checklist and tried to modify the sections so as to provide a complete report, as I would write it, and had to scratch out, overwrite, print on the back of the form, etc…and wound up throwing it away. To this date, this last requirement for me to totally complete their program remains unfulfilled.

Why in the world, other than to cater to a real estate salesman reliant marketing scheme, would a school insist upon the use of such an incomplete form of reporting a home inspection?

Ditto… sad but true.

I believe it’s their Matrix form. They want you to use it, so they can continue to sell the forms to you for the rest of your life.

I prefer “Charmin”.:wink: