After scheduling an inspection, do any of you send an email that asks your client if

After scheduling an inspection, do any of you send an email that asks your client if they’d like to add ancillary inspection services (mold, radon, energy score) to the home inspection?

I send the contract via email. That email has a list of ancillary services and prices for them to see. Every inspection, every time. Many call back and book either sewer scopes, well testing, or other services.

Every time, and especially this year, almost all of them add something.

I always discuss ancillary services with clients while on the phone with them, and also a reminder within the email that includes the Agreement/Contract and an Invoice for payment. Like Steven, some book when on the phone, some after thinking about it and replying to my email, and sometimes on site. I am always prepared to provide my services under any such scenario.

I do now! Thanks for the great idea… why didn’t I think of that…

I ask, when I have them on the phone.
I did not think about the email aspect.
Thanks Nick

No but only because I do not do aux services…good idea for those that do.That would be a good use for ISN.

me too.

Agree, that is what I do. It allows me to close the sale better than sending them an email and not explaining to them very well.

They get offered at time of booking. Sometimes they will add during the inspection.

I’m with you Rich, I always asked on the phone during booking, but after Nick put this up I edited all my ISN pre-inspection e-mails to include a blip about remember, there’s a $50.00 discount if you book these PRIOR to the inspection…

Now why the heck would you just throw away your profit? Unless you are overcharging for a service (such as Radon), there isn’t a large profit to lose. If you are already performing the inspection, it’s rare that somebody is going to hire a second company to do another service that you offer (at a fair price). Be a business owner… not a hobbyist!

I offer the discount because out here, not many folks even care about Radon and Mold is RARE. I travel quiet a distance for inspections, so for me, if I’m already there, I don’t have to cover the gas to get there, the inspection did that, I just have to cover the gas to get back, and the lab fees, along with a little bit of profit. I’m not wanting to be a millionaire, and I have to stay at a price-point that the customer will find attractive, THEREFORE, I do what works in my area, you go ahead and do what works in your area! :slight_smile: