After the hurricane, I don't feel so nuts for prepping. Nick's BIG list revisited.

Nick’s BIG Survival List for Ultimate Self-Sufficiency

Nick, where in the World would people in NYC apartments store all this stuff? Or any Apartment Dwellers as far as that goes?:slight_smile:

Under their bed? I’d start by storing drinkable water.

But how many provisions could they store along with water for say 3 weeks time in lieu of the 3 months you suggest.

It is a good list, but fail to see how that helps the victims now. :slight_smile:

You have to prioritize your list based on budget, storage space, and risk tolerance.

I’d start with potable water, first aid, warmth, food, and personal defense.

Hopefully they all get some help to manage until they can re-build or re-locate. :slight_smile: