Afterthought Stairs

Narrowest stairs I’ve ever seen! House built in 1923, only stairs to second floor off kitchen.

where would you even put a railing? A rope might be better!

That’s right 2 foot 2 inches!

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Go up on your knees. The riser looks higher than the tread is wide.

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Is it possible that the second floor was an unfinished attic originally? A lot of older homes had full stairs to the unfinished attic, but they were not required to be as wide as a normal stair might be?

I’ve seen people wider than those stairs! :grin:

Who needs one? You can just span and push both sides for stability…

Two rooms with closets on second floor.

Won’t help you much in a fall.

Of course it had all the early essentials of electricity 101.

…and deluxe heat

For the museum… Museum of Plugs and Sockets: pre-NEMA types (