Age Electric Heat System Help

My Preston’s Guide for the heat system does not show Electric Furnaces.

System- International / Model A896342 / Serial # Looked like A-74
This property was built in 1975
The serial # was difficult to read so it may be questionable.

Brent Grover

It seems to follow that the system is a 1974 if the house was built in 1975 but “unknown” is akso an option to use.

Brent. electric furnaces are far less complex than gas or oil units and the heating elements, etc are very easy to change, for that reason most are repaired rather than replaced so are very likely to be consistent with the age of the home.

Remember most fosil fueled furnaces are swapped out due to failures of the heat exhanger causing CO to enter the home, this doesn’t happen with electric heating.



The A is for January and, of course, the 74 is 1974.

I agree. An electric furnace can be repaired forever. Each and every piece and part is available as a universal replacement by one manufacturer or another. There’s no such thing as “efficiency” when talking about electric furnaces, since electric heat is already 100% efficient. (just expensive).