Age for a "Glow Core" Furnace

First time I have run across this make of furnace. It is a Glow Core. I cannot find it anywhere on the cheat sheets that I have. I would appreciate anyone can assist me in finding an age for this unit. Thanks in advance…Rick

Woops. Here’s the info

Ser#H526 62690

Mod# UGP105014

Glowcore (also “Glow Core”) apparently went out of business around 1989.

I believe they use the plant-year-week-week system, so the H526 would be the plant (H), year (1985, 1975, 1965, 1955, etc.) and the 26th week is in July.

To determine the exact year, you’ll have to match it to the age of the house or the time period during which that specific model was sold.

Thanks Russel. I was having a H*** of a time finding info on this unit


Prestons list model current from 1984-1988 so Russel is probably on the money with 1985



Thanks to you too Gerry !