Age Issue

We are trying to find out the date of manufacture of our home. We purchased it “As Is”, but were told there was no title for it. We cannot locate any stickers, etc…with anything on them except for the HUD plate on the outside. The seller (a lot) gave me what was supposedly the original papers from the furnace, etc…, but we have MOLD everywhere and can’t find anything out. Please help!!!

The the dates of manufacturer of the water heater, furnace, and AC. If they all match up within a year of each other and seem consistent with the apparent age of the mobile home then they are probably all original and that would be the date of the mobile home.

Toilet tanks usually have the year imprinted on the inside. If they are original, that may give you an approximate build date.

The HUD plate should have serial numbers on it which can be traced. Here in Texas we can look up the data plate and find pretty much everything on the unit.

Good Luck.

Post HUD = 1976+

FYI, Randy