Age of air handler

Inspected a home today built in 2004. Has two air handlers in the attic. One is a 2004 unit and the other is the label seen in photo. Best i can tell it was manufactured in 1997. That would mean the unit was seven years old at the time of installation if it was installed in the company of the other 2004 unit.

Where did you determine 97?

Building intelligence center. What year have you determined?

1997 looks right on… Its possible it’s an old unit the builder had sitting around, or repurposed from another job. Are you sure the home was built in 2004 not just substantially remodeled?

Here small houses are torn down all the time by developers building bigger ones. Sometimes the new construction is labeled as a “new home” with a recent build year, and sometimes it’s listed with the original mid twentieth century build date.

Couldn’t determine the manufacturer based on the pic. Nothing more than that.

Manufacture is American Standard/Trane

Thanks and yes it’s a 97 unit. Note it how you see it. Don’t guess why, but just the variations in dates. Let the clients ask the questions.

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This is a golf course community of $400,000 plus homes.

Cheap community!

Drop this same house in California and it’s 4 million.

$400,000 might get you a small, run down fixer upper in a bad area of town in Los Angeles.


Sure do have a lot of people moving out of that state. I think those prices are old antifa news.

There’s one born everyday they say.

If I was guessing and had the Carrier Bluebook, I’d shoot for 1993 +/-