Age of Boiler

This one is for RR. What is the age of this boiler - L.J. Miller Furnace CO. #3-25-W.

Thanks, in advance.

No clue on that one.

Back from the 1930s through ca. 1975, there were a lot of smaller manufacturers who were eventually bought out by the big boys or the company simply died when its founder/owner died.

Usually if you find a furnace company with the full name, such as “L. J. Miller,” it’s a good bet that it died when he did. Considering how short the number is, and I don’t know if it’s a model number or a serial number, I have to guess pre-1975.

Ray, thanks!! the house was built in 1910, I think you are close to the 1930 date. That was the only number I could find.

If that’s the case go with late 1930s. The post-depression anticipation of a war boom caused every dog and his cat to go into business for themselves.

all componants of heating systems contain serial numbers; some required by fire code, check gas valves, temeprature controls, pumps and accesseories for date coses and/or serial numbers

While that’s true, it’s rare that the serial numbers and/or date codes are actually on all of those components. Sometimes they are on the little paper tag attached to the component or in the plastic bag that the component comes in. Even when they are on the componet, they might not be visible or readable, especially after years of use, depending on how they were installed.