Age of Bryant furnace

Found an old one today Bryant Model 75-319B Serial # B00172429. I think it is earlier than 1965, the condo was built 1953. What do you think?
Thank you in advance

The “319” was the style of furnace used in that day…and it pre-dates 1965.

That’s strictly from memory…and I’m old. So I forget things.

Now,…what was the question again??

Thanks Jae,
I’m thinking that it maybe original to the condo 1953 …Preston’s does not list it.

That’s an interesting serial number for Bryant, but it leaves me with two choices: 1971 or 1973. Personally, I think it’s 1973.

Interesting, Ray…I was wondering what you might have to say, about the age. It surely is a dinosaur. Thanks for the input.
Gerald Wilcox

I came across my second oldest dinosaur a couple of days ago on a WALK inspection up in Riverside county, from January 1966. My oldest was an [April 1938 Octopus]( 1.jpg), still going strong (those were not its crutches in the photo!) and well taken care of (the aluminum foil insulation was an “upgrade”), but perhaps not quite as efficient as today’s models. :shock: